South Africa Women Urges Africans to Embrace Their Culture

Sifiso Ncwane’s wife, Ayanda, has recently weighed in on the subject of African pride, claiming that Africans need to embrace their culture, acknowledge their heritage and archive ”important history.”

In a lengthy Instagram post, the businesswoman stressed the importance of not adopting the Western culture while ignoring our true African identity.

Ayanda+Ncwane south africa

“Our Pride and focus should be in our values as AFRICANS, embracing our culture, acknowledging our own arts, music, talents, keeping and archiving our important history,” she said.

To validate her point, she provided an example of how language barriers prevents Brazilian soccer stars from reaching greater heights, despite their seasoned talents and skills.

“The main reason why Brazilian soccer stars are the best in our life time, but will never earn closer to the Ronaldos and Messies, [is] because of the language barrier, the [Brazilian’s super] soccer stars vanish so easily because they cannot communicate with the world,” she explained.


Coming from the arts industry perspective, she revealed that their plea is to ”stop glorifying Western culture and their habits.”

Going forward, she admitted that a lot must still be done to restore African pride and heritage, in addition to the 90% local music quota that was recently introduced by the SABC.

“It is never too late for us [Africans]. Giving chances and positions, and leaderships to the correct people in arts and culture, we will all smile eventually,” she stated.

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