Here Are The Skills And Qualifications Needed To Be A General Manager In South Africa And The Salary

Recruitment specialist, Career Junction, provides guidance on the skills and qualifications needed to be a general manager in South Africa.

A GM often oversees branch managers and their staff, as well as the employees in their head office. They are ultimately responsible for the well-being of the company’s financial growth and stability in terms of making a loss or profit.

The salary of a GM at a skilled level is R18,300 – R25,958.

Below are the most recent General Manager salary levels based on actual salary offerings on the CareerJunction website (30 000+ jobs monthly) for the latest measurable period (October 2015 to February 2016).

Duties – The list of duties can be exhaustive but generally these key functions will apply:

  • Managing the performance of each employee.
  • Sustaining current market position and growing market share.
  • Creating business plans to support the company’s financial objectives.
  • Supporting sales teams and key account managers in retention of existing clients.
  • Defining long-term strategic goals and developing clear plans to implement them.
  • Improving internal processes and ensuring employees work as a cohesive unit.
  • Anticipate client needs and develop solutions to meet those needs.

As a GM you will need to have most or all of these skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Solid presentation skills and ability to explain complex processes to an audience.
  • Expert in financial management and persistent business will to succeed.
  • Planning and managing the company’s performance.
  • Manage operations and processes within budget.
  • Ability to enforce and maintain high standards, even under pressure.
  • General and senior management skills.

CV Must-Haves

“General Manager” can sometimes be an all-encompassing job title. Focus your CV’s content to appeal to the company that’s hiring you.

  • Build and lead successful teams.
  • Achieve targets in a dynamic and competitive business environment.
  • Successfully manage a diverse group of employees.
  • Be a strong team leader and tapping into the best your teams have to offer.
  • Build and nurture trust with teams, customers and suppliers.

GM Qualifications

Qualifications will vary from company to industry to job level. Below a couple of examples of qualifications needed for this role.

  • Degree in Operations Management or,
  • Post-Graduate qualification in Business Administration or,
  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management.

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