Six African Countries Among Highest Facebook Users

A look at who is using Facebook Lite a year after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched the app, indicates the strongest user uptake is on the African continent.

According to a SimilarWeb data analysis that looked at how Android users on each continent were using the app daily, it showed that six African countries were listed among the app’s top ten global country users.

Facebook Lite was developed to allow for users with low-end devices and in countries with poor data connections to also have access to the popular social networking site.

A total of 223 countries were analysed, said SimilarWeb.

“The research found Africa represents the heaviest Lite users,” the digital market intelligence firm said.

The top 10 countries using the Lite app on a daily basis were: Timor Leste (64,61%), Comoros (34,96%), Madagascar (34,96%), Lesotho (30,12%), Nepal (26,56%) Republic of Congo (24,39), Equatorial Guinea (23,82%), Solomon Islands (23,68%) Democratic Republic of Congo (19,71%) and Nicaragua (17,24%).

SimilarWeb said they identified three countries where usage of the Lite app surpassed the regular Facebook app, and these were Equatorial Guinea where 45,6% used the Lite app compared to 40,2% of users who used the standard app, Comoros where 59,74% of users preferred the Lite app against 52% who used the standard app, and in Timor Leste where 82 % of users favoured the Lite compared to 71,29% the standard app.

SimilarWeb said its data showed that the Lite app had a presence in South America, South East Asia, several Eastern European countries and in Greenland. The app was also experiencing growth in India, and in other countries.


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