Signs That Shows You Are In A dysfunctional Rlationship

unhappy black couple

Although all relationships experience ups and downs, you need to know when your relationship has reached an unhealthy stage.

If you’re experiencing the following, you could be in a dysfunctional relationship.

Threats of leaving
You find yourself constantly on edge and afraid to share your feelings because your partner makes you feel insecure and threatens to leave.

The blame game
Instead of taking responsibility for something that has gone wrong in your relationship, you and your partner continuously pass the buck between each other and no solution is ever reached.

Constant power struggle
Power struggles in relationships are never a good sign. When one of you throws your weight around to get what you want, you’re in a dictatorship, not a relationship.

Resentment looms
For whatever reason, resentment can manifest easily in a relationship. Whether it’s a milestone that wasn’t celebrated or innocent flirting with someone outside of your relationships, issues that comprise your respect for one another can have a negative ripple effect.

A lack of communication

If you find yourself frequently arguing about irrelevant issues, never reaching a solution and rarely having mature, productive conversations, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship. A lack of communication is one of the main causes of a break-up.

Fighting fair is not your thing. When the two of you disagree, your first response is to come out guns blazing, hitting at one another’s insecurities. This is never healthy as words uttered during a fight often last longer than the issue you’re actually arguing over.


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