15 Things You’ll Remember Only If You Grew Up In The 1990s

  1. We got many important life lessons from Bollie


2. Say it with a sweet

candy3. You pretended it’s your birthday at least once to get a free Chico


4. These were better than any other Christmas stocking

chocolarte sock

5. This advert would ALWAYS make you crave chomp. And want to be a hippo


6. This doesn’t need words


7. Nothing tastes like…


8. The smell of this stuff, ick

kreols chips

9. Three cheers if you managed to own one of these that didn’t break


10. Boeboe en Sniff Snaff en Stinkie daarby, almal woon saam in die Moo Vallei

mina moo

11. But you couldn’t even breathe through these things

red nose day

12. I walk on my paws, they look like dinosaur claws. I’m king of the road, but I don’t jump like a toad… boing, boing, boing…

timoth traddle

13. Straight onto the Christmas wishlist every single year


14. And when you got bored in class, this would double as nail polishtippex

15. How many hours did you waste playing circus charlie?

tv games

Source: The South African.com


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