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Popular Actor Banned From Church…See Interesting Reason

A popular actor known for his controversial outbursts, has been banned from attending church for a really interesting reason.

Vuyo Dabula
South African actor, Vuyo Dabula recently became upset when elders at a church he has been a member of for years expelled him.
South Africa Latest News reports that Vuyo who plays the villain Khumkani ‘Gadaffi’ Phakade in the popular soapie, Generations, is alleged to have never seen this coming.
According to insiders at the charismatic church in Soweto, known to Vuyo was initially given the ultimatum to either quit or be removed as a member and he chose Generations over his church.
We understand that the church elders got hot under the collar when they saw Gaddaffi kissing and also being involved in steamy s*x scenes with his onscreen wife Thsidi.
Church members who asked to remain anonymous due to the repercussions might face at the worship house, claim that the elders made it clear to the star that he should tow the line or face expulsion.
‘Vuyo was a great member of the church and his presence also brought more members due to his popularity. Even the elders were happy to see that his fame was held in high regard. However, trouble started when his character, Gadaffi, started paying in scenes of kissing and s*x,’ says a church member.
Another member claims that the church could not distinguish between Vuyo and his character in Generations.
‘The issue here is that the church has strict rules which everyone should adhere to. However another problem is that the elders who are mostly elderly men, couldn’t differentiate between the real person and a fictional character. He is just doing his job as an actor,’ says the source.
It is understood that the elders met the actor several times to tell him that they are not pleased with his character on the show, and he told them that he would talk to his bosses to remove s*xual scenes from his storyline.
‘Gadaffi was trying to dismiss the elders as he knew he had no authority to dictate on how his character should be used,’ said the source.
It is also understood that when church elders realized that they were not going to get the desired results, they decided to take action against the actor.
When the elders realized that Vuyo was still doing kissing scenes, they lost their cool and told him to get the hell out of their church.  They told him he was given ample time to ditch the soapie, but he defied them. He was told that he was undermining church authority and bringing the church into disrepute.
Vuyo told the elders that he couldn’t help in the situation as he was just an employee. His statement angered the elders. Also, as a church code of conduct, the church demands it’s members dress appropriately. They should not wear clothes that reveal too much flesh.
When contacted for comment, Vuyo said, ‘No no no It’s none of anyone’s business. The elders have nothing to do with what I do. Please do not drag them into this.’
source: Tori.ng

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  1. often times because of the things that their partners/wives/significant others will asked to accept and understand and I will say that I haven’t seen at any point that it is a union for the jealous types of individuals that are out here. They have to be around attractive people it’s that simple and yes in ways often times that can be and will become offensive to their significant others, why because they are literally selling their selves not just their talents and this is why sponsors back them when it comes down to marketing their products, goods, and services. Those in their lives must be “strong” or willing to give them up and I know that the decision is hard either way because though they may not admit it, yes they can most definitely picture themselves really making love to their on-stage characters, after all if they can’t believe it themselves how in the world can they sell it to others. This is why they make the big “MONEY” and those that want to join them in that lifestyle will eventually come to terms with that though I am not implying that it is an easy chose or a relationship designed for everyone…the church should definitely ask him about how he will handle his career decisions like that in the future and go from there remind him that we must all choose and he must as well the “world” or “righteousness”

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