See How President Zuma Surprised Nkandla Elderly At His Christmas Party

Yesterday, Thousands of elderly residents from Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal province, were extravagantly showered with lots of gifts, food items and lots more by President Jacob Zuma.

They were honourably  hosted by their son, Zuma, who also hails from Nkandla at his annual Christmas party for the elderly. Zuma and some family members share a day with the elderly every Christmas. He also uses the same day to relate extensively with them and present some gifts and other items to them.

Zuma, who spoke extensively at the occasion, called on all and sundry to consider it a blessing and a privilege each time they lend a helping hand to the elderly. He also told youths at the event to always respect and love the elderly. Some elderly thanked Mr. Zuma for showing them love and care while others prayed for him for more wisdom, prosperity, long life and all-round success. A few of them, however, used the medium to voice out their challenges.

An elderly woman at the occasion confessed to reporters that some elderly in the community are usually raped by shameless miscreants while others usually get robbed of their money and valuable items by hoodlums. With these and more, the elderly speaker called on Zuma to put in place programmes that will largely benefit them.

In addition, she requested the president to ensure people who abuse the elderly spent lengthy years in prison. The event was organized by the Jacob Zuma RDP Education Trust and was attended by some prominent South Africans, including Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini.

Meanwhile, reliable sources confirmed that Mr. Zuma will host his annual youth and Children’s Christmas party on Thursday. The party is scheduled to hold in Nkandla.


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