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See How Small Construction Firm Delivers Beautiful Results

They say dynamite comes in small packages. Godfrey Molete leads a small company that’s making a big impact on the lives of Gauteng families

Remember those episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that made you tear up after they chanted “Move that bus!” and you saw the emotional reaction of the family seeing their new home for the first time? Yes? Then you’ll be glad to know there’s a man who makes his clients feel exactly the same!

Godfrey Molete is the MD of TriForm Holdings and he’s building dream houses for the people of Gauteng.

The motivation behind starting this company was his desire to take charge of his destiny and his mother’s question: “Don’t you want to have your own business and work for yourself?” For a long time, he answered in the negative.

Molete formed the company in 2011 with his late university friend Tshepo Molefe. Many startups struggle to keep their feet on the ground in the first five years, but this has been a driving force behind his tenacity. “It wasn’t an easy journey and I didn’t know how I was going to pull it off,” he says.

After the death of Molefe, Godfrey partnered with his wife Tshegofatso in 2014. They haven’t looked back since.

TriForm is currently making waves in the construction industry. The company employs 20 people and subcontractors on an ad hoc basis. It builds schools, complexes, office blocks and residential homes and offers project management services.

The company is registered and compliant with National Home Building Regulation Council, Construction Industry Development Board and Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company Limited .

The company implements and develops quality management systems, conducts internal and supplier evaluation audits and even provides quality awareness training to certify its management system. It also provides skills training for its construction workers.

“Construction has always been a part of me. When I finished my tertiary studies, I worked for a construction company,”says Molete. After three years, he decided to leave the company after it experienced setbacks and put all his energies into TriForm with Molefe.

“We had a lot of challenges. We didn’t have any capital and were essentially funding the business from our pockets,” he recalls. He explains how difficult it was to find time to meet to discuss strategies and the way forward for their company. Just when it looked like taking off, Molefe passed away. “Unfortunately,  I could not carry on with the same business, because of paperwork issues.”

He adds that other challenges the company has faced was a skills shortage. Its work needed to be of consistently high quality to ensure a glowing reputation. “We can’t make mistakes or lose skilled workers. If we do, the final product will suffer.”

Having been in the construction business for over 10 years, Molete remains optimistic. “When I come across challenges, I console myself with the drive I have to give back to the community,” he says. He loves starting projects and seeing the benefits, despite facing hurdles along the way. The company creates employment for young people and in that, they get the training they need to run their own businesses.

“What keeps me going is having my wife on my side. We support each other and overcome them together”. On  27 February 2016, TriForm completed a house for Mr and Mrs Ntlane in Boksburg.

Mr Ntlane was very pleased. “We are very happy with the house. So far, so good. We got what we wanted from him and more,” he said. He adds that their neighbours passed by the house to compliment them on its beauty and unique design.

He added that the couple would go to the construction site every day to offer their input.

The original time the house was supposed to be completed was six months, however it took a year due to a few personal setbacks. Mr Molete said they hired an architect to design their house and got the plans approved from the municipality to start building.

Looking at how far they have come despite the high failure rate, has encouraged Molete, who holds qualifications in construction and civil engineering. The company has built six houses of differing sizes thus far.

Molete says that handing over completed houses is one of the best parts of his jobs. “Sometimes we will have a lunch or breakfast for families and arrange flowers for our clients. It’s a nice environment,” he said.

TriForm want to give young employees proper training and become one of the best companies in the country. Molete plans to sell hardware and building materials in the future.

source: destinyconnect


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