See Graphic Photos Of Oscar Pistorius’ Girlfriend’s Dead Body Her Dad Wants The World To See

These are the graphic photos of bloodied head and torso of Reeva Steenkamp the father wants everybody to see.
The pictures were released in a sensational ruling by trial judge, Thokozile Masipa after requests by prosecutor Gerrie Nel and Reeva’s father Barry Steenkamp. The graphic photos reveal the nature and extent of injuries Reeva Steenkamp suffered after she was shot four times with Black Talon bullets.
After consulting Reeva’s parents, Mr Nel said: “Isn’t it time for the world to see what Oscar Pistorius did with Black Talon rounds to Reeva Steenkamp’s head?”
The deadly ammunition is designed to expand upon impact and is used by the military. Crying on the stand Mr Steenkamp said Pistorius must pay for his crime and asked the court to show pictures of his daughter’s body as a deterrent to would-be killers.
He said: “I want the world to see. I want the world to see the photos of the wounds inflicted on her. 
“To know my daughter’s pain. To know what her last few seconds were like, so that this is stopped – so that others do not have to go through this ever.”

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