SANDF Medic Accused Of Sexually Harrassing Patients

On Monday, a medical orderly stationed at a military unit in Lyttelton, Centurion, allegedly sexually harassed a patient in the sickbay” the SA National Defence Force said.

“The captain, who worked at the 68 Air School sick bay for the SA Military Health Service, was arrested on Sunday”, said Colonel Ronald Maseko.

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He was transferred from the military aviation training unit to the area military health unit in Gezina so the investigation could proceed without interference or influence.

“Whilst the investigations were ongoing, he allegedly tried to bribe the investigating officer to have his case not prosecuted in court.”

Maseko said the arrest was a result of co-operation between the Military Police and the SA Police Service.

The captain was expected to appear in court later on Monday.

“The SANDF condemns any form or type of ill-discipline within its ranks, regardless of member’s appointment and/or position,” said Maseko.

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