Sabc Protest For Freedom Of Media In South Africa

A small group of journalists and union members have gathered outside the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in Auckland Park ahead of a march to Constitution Hill.

They are calling for an end to censorship of the news, saying that recent developments at the national broadcaster have resulted in employees being suspended and silenced for raising their concerns.


Three senior journalists who raised their concerns about recent developments at the SABC have been charged internally.

Three others were suspended last week.

SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng says there’s no crisis at the national broadcaster but has warned that disciplinary action will be taken against employees who don’t adhere to policy.

More people are joining the group of journalists and union members who are dressed in black. Others are watching from their office buildings as the chants for “no censorship” grow louder.

Some have covered their mouths with tape others are holding placards saying “show real news”

The crowd is calling for Motsoeneng to resign.

Furthermore, journalists and union members say today’s protest against the SABC’s censorship is the start of a mass action to ensure media freedom in South Africa.

One man cuffed his hands and is wearing a gas mask, saying he has been prevented from voicing his concerns about editorial policy at the SABC.

“Hlaudi has decided not to let us see what is going on so now we have to wear gas masks because we don’t know where it’s burning.”

The group turned towards the SABC building and started waving at the journalists who are watching from inside the premises chanting we stand by you.

Later they’ll be marching to Constitution Hill where the broadcaster’s workers will address the group.


A number of organisations are banding together this morning to protest against censorship at the SABC and the suppression of dissenting voices at the broadcaster.



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