If SA Had To Have A Celeb President, Would These Celebs Be Cool Candidates?

Trevor Noah

Using the hashtag #Oprah2020, people have called on the 63-year-old to run for the U.S. presidency, come 2020, taking the reins from the current “stable genius”, Donald Trump.

As to whether or not she’ll heed the calls, time will tell.

But imagine if we also had the option to pick a superstar to lead us. Just imagine.

Who would you vote for?

Well, just as a start, here’s our nominations for election in the year 20… er, we’ll see.

1. Trevor Noah:

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to have Noah as their president. Can you?

2. ProVerb:

We can totally picture this thing –– and most def sure you can too.

3. Black Coffee:

Dubbed the national key point, we think Black Coffee could turn the presidency into one hell of a party, literally. Also, he’s all about uplifting the black child.

4. Basetsana Kumalo:

She’s come a long way from her days as Miss SA –– Kumalo’s now a leading South African showbiz businesswoman who creates employment for youngsters. She knows how to have fun, too.

5. Connie Ferguson:

The actress, TV producer and now production company co-owner has become synonymous with hits TV series like Mzansi Magic’s “The Queen“. She knows how to give the people what they want, and we’d support her candidacy for the job (if it was actually a real thing). Is anyone feeling Michelle Obama vibes?

If we were really picking a celebrity to lead Mzansi, who would you vote for?


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