South Africa To Amend Tobacco Laws

South Africa became one of the first countries in the world to ban smoking in public places in 2000 when it introduced the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act.

The act put a serious dent in the smoking culture in South Africa, as it prohibits smoking in restaurants, pubs, shopping centres and offices where there are no separate, enclosed smoking rooms.

The South African smoking laws were tightened even further in 2009 when the government banned smoking in partially enclosed public places such as covered patios, verandas, balconies, walkways and parking areas, as well as smoking in cars where there were children under the age of 12 present.

The Health department says as the world commemorates World No Tobacco Day, they’re looking to amend the Tobacco Control Act, to re-evaluate the public restrictions on smoking.

Speaking on SABC’S CHANNEL 404 Minister of Health Doctor Aaron Motsoaledi says: “People are given space to smoke in hospitals too or just outside public spaces where non-smokers mist passes through a cloud of smoke. We need to increase the distance in which people can smoke in public areas.”:

Gauteng health will hold an event in Soweto on Tuesday under the theme: “Get ready for plain packaging” with emphasis on packaging of tobacco products.

Motsoaledi says: “Our message is that cigarettes have no place in modern life. Big cigarette companies have never won any case. I am very confident that within my lifetime, there will be no smoking in the world, we will defeat it.”

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