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Why S3x With A Feminist Is A Much Better Idea

Having S*x

With heterosexual romantic relationship, the relationship between a man and a woman, most of the initiation are often from the man and the woman is courted, this has been like this for a very long time and its quite tradition till day.

As much as the above is true but the world is changing, women are stepping into this space as well, they also high positions and are also decision makers. What will this mean for romance? One of the ideas people often have towards feminism is that it seeks to undermine men, or sees them as man-haters, even lesbians. It can be understandable why sex with someone the society views as this can be somewhat difficult.

Despite this, studies have shown that affairs in relationship especially romance are becoming more open over time. This new approach has made it more open for women to play active role in sex, initiating moves and also offering their contribution into the mix.

Early in time, women are not allowed to express themselves especially sexually. The control was surrendered to the man because of the submission, it made the sex bad, a lot of dissatisfaction occurs there.

Whereas in more open relationships where the lady is allowed to express herself are better and satisfaction is often achieved.

A study found out that women in relationship with feminist men have healthier relationships in terms of quality and stability both in the long run as compared to relationship with non-feminist men.

Another study also found that women who think of their partners with attributes of chivalry and protect tag, something quite similar to Prince Charming were not so interested in making themselves better regarding higher education and higher status occupation.

This might be a concern for men, but it isn’t that bad. One study found that couples who live together and have equality in earnings, and share household chores have sex more often and their relationship is lot more stable.
Being actively involved in the home for men can make the relationship even better. Another study showed that men in relationship with feminist revealed that the relationship is better and the sex is great.

Other researches also suggest that men who move away from the traditional relationships have more satisfying and committed relationships. The culture of dominant men can also be bad for the society because it can lead to domestic abuse.

A good reason for gender equality is that it leads to more stable relationships because the lady is freer to speak her mind.  So, feminism isn’t that bad at all.


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