The Run For Rosa- A South African Is Running 10 Consecutive Marathons To Honour A 21-Year-Old Girl

The run for rosa


Stuart Rayner sees endurance sport as a platform in which we can heal, inspire, and create positive change in our world.

People have a desire to run for a meaning and a cause. Their heart beats to a different drum as they run in their various different communities within society searching for a purpose in life. They push themselves for others and to create a difference in their various tribes. Running is part and parcel of their lives to get them through life’s ups and downs.


The run for rosa


“I believe in breaking the boundaries of what society deems as possible and in doing so strive to engage and inspire individuals to act for others less fortunate than themselves. A lot of small ‘steps’ over a long period of time can transcend not only individuals but whole communities. Every step counts.”

Stuart’s family lost a very special person in their lives named Rosa Jane Carlyle-Mitchell.

She was a beloved cousin, sister, daughter and niece who tragically died in an accident on her 21st birthday in Cape Town. She fell off a balcony during her own party, and passed away instantly from head injuries.

Her positive and forever-giving nature gave her cousin, Stuart, the drive to create the Run for Rosa initiative.

“He’s doing this crazy journey in honor and memory of our cousin, Rosa.”
“As a very close-knit family, losing her has made us all closer but it’s not been easy. This run was inspired by Rosa’s generous spirit, as a way to still show that in the light of something so heartbreaking, we can still show that there’s good in this world. And that good is worth pursuing, one step at a time. ” – Emma Drummond

The Run for Rosa will see Stuart running 10 marathons in 13 days in honour of her – from Plettenberg Bay to Cape Town. He started on the 16 July 2017 (his birthday) and will finish on the 28 July 2017 (what would have been Rosa’s 25th birthday) at the Kimberley Hotel, where she passed away.

Through this run, Stuart hopes to offer an opportunity to send an underprivileged child to Kings School from grade 3 to 7. King’s School in Nottingham Road, KwaZulu-Natal, has been run by the Carlyle-Mitchell family for three generations.


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