Robert Mugabe Jnr. Spotted Publicly In University, First Time After Brief Stunt With Harassed Model

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s eldest child, Robert Junior, has purportedly come back to South Africa to continue his examinations following his short migration back to Zimbabwe.

Media reports showed that, seven days prior, President Mugabe took his two children Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine together with his significant other, Grace, back to Zimbabwe following his support at the 37th SADC Summit in South Africa.

In front of that, Grace had caused a discretionary furore where she attacked a South African model, Gabriella Engels, after she discovered her in a trading off position with one of his children in an upmarket inn.

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Robert Junior is studying towards a degree in Architecture at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

According to South African media, Robert Junior was spotted at the UJ campus, a suggestion that he may have resumed his studies.

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 However it could not be immediately ascertained if Chatunga had also returned to South Africa.

While President Mugabe is touted as one of the world’s most educated leaders, the same cannot be the same about his immediate family.

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His wife, Grace, raised eyebrows three years ago when she graduated with a doctorate from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Allegations have been that she actually never studied but was literally awarded the PhD for free by her hubby who is the UZ Chancellor.

Mugabe’s sons are also not academically gifted as they have failed examinations, with President Mugabe at one time describing them as “Undertakers”.

Undertakers, in local street lingo, are people who fail dismally with U (ungraded) grades.


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