Revealed: See The Whopping Amount Of Money Babes Wodumo Charges Per Performance

Following the controversy that erupted between the singer and festival organisers, Babes Wodumo’s fee for a performance came under scrutiny. After the controversy surrounding an alleged lifeless performance by musician Babes Wodumo, Buyel’Ekhaya Music Festival released a public statement defending itself.

Babes brought her issues with the festival organisers to public notice after the singer addressed criticism form fans aimed at her poor performance on 19 December in East London.

Babes Wodumo Posting a video on Instagram, Babes accused event founder Nomahlubi Mazwai of abusing her verbally. In addition, Babes said Mazwai threatened to kill her moments. This was before she was bullied to go on stage with the help of security guards. Subsequently, a lengthy statement posted to the event’s official Facebook page, Buyel’Ekhaya took shots at Babes, denying all her allegations.

Through a 17 point response to the allegations made, the organisers explained how musician Babes Wodumo violated contract agreements after collecting 75% of her performance fee. According to the organisers, Babes did not just miss her call time (01:35am), she also insisted on taking a bath even though she was late.

When she finally got to the venue, she refused to perform Though the statement was lengthy, Twitter users took their time to read all 17 points. As expected, they picked up Babes Wodumo’s fee for a performance. Point 2 of 17 on the statement by the event organisers goes thus; “Babes Wodumo was paid a deposit of 75% (R75,000.00) of her performance fee on 21 October 2016.”

In other words, Babes Wodumo’s fee for the performance was 100K. And that was all Twitter needed to launch a debate whether she was worth the price. Thousands of tweets emerged with different opinions on what they feel about the singer’s charges.


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