Retired School Principal Continues To Serve Her Community In Order To Bring Change

Retired school principal continues to serve her community

Phuti Ragophala’s community has alot of less privilege children and as part of her life she took it upon herself to help the needy

Now that she is retired, she has not stopped serving her community, as she sees it as her responsibility to make the lives of the children in her area happier and more successful.

She says, “Retirement for me is just a change of workplace from school to home where I service my community.”

With her time, Ragophala tutors the children of her community in literacy and computer proficiency. She opens her home to learners who need extra help, with her focus being on children who are needy, or who do not have parents who can afford education.

Ragophala draws from her own experiences as a child. She knows how it feels to go to bed hungry so she has compassion and empathy for children who may be experiencing this too, and she intends to help in any way that she can to make a difference.

She believes: “The moment we become comfortable with suffering, we lose our humanity.”

Ragophala serves with her heart, and with a selflessness that is admirable. Her actions are fueled by love, and she believes in uplifting learners who would otherwise have no one to help them.

 Retired school principal continues to serve her community

Her great joy comes from watching learners succeed and soar.

She says, “When I see other people progressing, it makes me smile. I get fulfilled.”

Beautiful News recently made a short video that celebrates Phuti Ragophala and the phenomenal woman that she is. The video is part of a month-long celebration of strong, influential and loving South African women who are using their gifts, talents and resources to make a positive change in the country.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.


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