Resorts Where you can stay on the South Shore

Something we loved about taking a road trip along the South Shore of Nova Scotia was the varied accommodations. When we travel, we like to mix things up between B&Bs, luxury hotels, and beachside cabins. Well, our Nova Scotia Accommodations had all of the above and we thought we’d highlight the places to stay for your next trip to the East Coast. So sit back and enjoy the Nova Scotia hospitality of family run accommodations, personal touches, and a lot of beauty.

Nova Scotia Accommodations

Accommodation in Nova Scotia is so diverse.

Our road trip started in Peggy’s Cove. This is one of the most visited sites in Nova Scotia located just a half hour outside of Halifax. You should spend more than just a day at this beautiful fishing village. Besides the lighthouse there’s plenty to see!

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Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Nova Scotia Accommodation

The OceanStone Resort near Peggy’s Cove

What a great way to start our Nova Scotia travels. Oceanstone Seaside Resort is located just 10 minutes from Peggy’s Cove. The private cabins are located right no the shore with private beaches in front of each space complete with fire pit, and adirondack chairs perfect for sipping coffee while watching the sun come up. There are kitchens in each cabin and you can have them bring you snacks, breakfast fixings and coffee or you can stock up on your own. With free Wifi and on sight restaurant, there’s everything you need for an extended stay.

For accommodation bookings and information visit the Oceanstone website

Atlantic Oak Island Resort

Nova Scotia Accommodation The Atlantic Oak Island Resort

The Atlantic Oak Island Resort

Changing pace a bit, your next stop for South Shore Nova Scotia accommodations is the Atlantica oak Island Resort & Marina. The Atlantica Oak Island is a conference centre and spa. It has all the amenities you could ever need for your vacation including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centre. Located directly on the water it’s part of a marina and you can rent kayaks or take a guided kayaking tour, play tennis, basket ball or simply sit by the bon fires at night as you munch on heavenly smores melting in your mouth. The restaurant is divine and we enjoyed a 3 course meal complete with local wine.

For more information visit the Atlantica Oak Island Website


The beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Chances are if you are visiting Nova Scotia, you will visit the picturesque town of Lunenburg. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of only two urban centres in all of North American to have that distinction. So if it’s not on your list of things to do in Nova Scotia, add it!

Lunenburg Arms Hotel

Nova Scotia Accommodation The Lunenburg Arms Hotel

The Lunenburg Arms Hotel

The Lunenburg Arms Hotel is located right downtown with waterfront view suites that take you back in time to another era. It’s like one of the Grand Dame historic hotels that you find in every city that everyone wants to stay in. This heritage property has an elevator, (important when you normally have to go up 5 flights of stairs in heritage homes), wheelchair accessibility (something we found to be a rarity in many places around Nova Scotia) and a Spa. It’s the perfect blend of heritage with modern amenities. While our room felt fit for a Duke at the turn of the century, we also had a flat screen TV, fluffy duvet, and air conditioning with a beautiful view of the harbour. We could walk everywhere in town so we didn’t need our car, but if we did, there is free parking (for residents) right across the street.


Lane’s Privateer Inn

Nova Scotia Accommodation Lane's Privateer Inn in Liverpool

Lane’s Privateer Inn in Liverpool

Making your way along the lighthouse route to Liverpool, home of the original Privateers and the historic Fort Point Lighthouse, the place to stay is at Lanes Privateer Inn. This family owned Nova Scotia accommodation has all the East Coast hospitality you could hope for. You immediately feel at home when you check in. It’s newly renovated rooms are as inviting as they are comfortable.

Lane's Privateer Inn

The rooms were beautiful in Lane’s Privateer Inn

What we loved was their dining room. It’s a laid back feel in an English Style pub, but the food leans more towards fine dining with everything prepared by hand with only local ingredients. It was our favourite meal of our entire trip and that says a lot! We ate in some pretty awesome places while in Nova Scotia. Breakfast was the best we had in their delightful coffee shop.

You can use their canoe and go for a paddle on the river and they can set up excursions like kayaking or paddle boarding.

If you make it to the southern part of Nova Scotia be sure to check out Lane’s Privateer Inn

Ye Olde Argyler Lodge

Ye Olde Argyler Lodge in Argyle, Nova Scotia

Ye Olde Argyler Lodge in Argyle, Nova Scotia

As we make our way through our list of Nova Scotia Accommodations, Ye Olde Argyler is our next stop on the South Shore. Located about 45 minutes from Yarmouth, this quiet heritage house stands on the shores of Lobster Bay. They offer kayaking excursions or you can simply sip wine as you watch the sun go down over the picturesque bay as a fire blazes in the pit. Dinner is a delight with East Coast musicians playing lively tunes and don’t forget to try the local specialty, Lobster Poutine.

To book your accommodation, visit Ye Olde Argyler Lodge

Blomidon Inn

The rooms were opulent at the Bloomdin Inn

The rooms were opulent at the Blomidon Inn



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