Reasons Why Deteriorating Tomatoes Can Endanger Your Health


Have you ever wondered why you are faced with diarrhea after eating from a local food store or mama put joint? Asides the unhygienic method of food preparation, it will surprise you to note that most of the cases of food poisonings that occur are due to poor quality food ingredient like spoilt tomatoes used in the cooking.

Food products or items of lower qualities are usually what some people prefer to purchase regardless of their financial status. One food product that falls into this category is tomato. In many popular markets in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria there have been visible popularity in the purchase of deteriorating Tomato (popularly called Esha tomato).

Partially rotten tomato commonly called Esha among the Yorubas is a way of depriving your body important nutrients that are needed for growth and development. In the process of spoilage, bacteria begin to utilize the nutrient content of tomatoes and further exposes the lycophene loaded vegetable to bacteria and fungi attack.
The future implication of consuming this kind of meals result to damages to internal organ due to released toxins which might not be
noticed on a short term. Some of the associated illnesses with the consumption of rotten tomatoes are liver inflammation, diarrhea and vomitting. These conditions are life threatening when there are severe.

Safeguarding our health should be our priority in life. So never look at the cost, always purchase healthy tomatoes as it comes with lots of health benefits.

Source: Foodiciary


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