How To Raise Children To Meet Changing Work Values

But parents need to do more than coach their children on the right things to say and write in their school and job applications, they need to start instilling work values in their children which translate into marketable habits and strengths in the workplace. With technology, work environments and demands continue to evolve. Old school work values like working hard, doing what you’re told without questioning and fitting-in have become defunct. In a global community, you’re wise to teach your children tolerance, cultural sensitivity, and empathy. They will need to work with people who don’t have the same beliefs and practices as them.

Instill in your children the idea that life is not always fair, but that there is always more than one response and consequence in every situation. They will need to work hard to find the best responses in any situation, by weighing up all of the consequences of every choice.

Encourage your children to be critical and think out of the box, and communicate these ideas and opinions. Never discourage a child from asking lots of questions, because curiosity is the skill which leads to the development of new apps and medical break throughs. You can consciously develop these skills in your child by doing certain activities with them. And this doesn’t mean sitting them down with a tablet. The technology we are using today won’t exist in 10 years time. Technology-specific skills are not as important as the critical and innovative ways of thinking which lead to the design of better technology.

It is important to remember that many of these skills come naturally to children, it is only through punishment and adult un-teaching that they start to lose these skills.

Some things to consider: Your children watch you being intolerant and unempathetic, quick in your decision making, uncritical and accepting without questioning, afraid to communicate your ideas and what you feel, and ‘moany’ about how unfair life is.

source: The South African


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