Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask An Astrologer

Have you always wanted to know what exactly astrologers mean when they’re talking about planets being in alignment or conjunction with one another? What is mercury retrograde and why is it said to cause so much chaos for certain star signs, while not having an impact on others?

Astrology is without a doubt a fascinating, if rather contentious field.

On the one hand you have the people who vociferously deny the validity of the subject matter, while on the other, you have the die-hard believers who religiously follow their horoscopes and keep up to date with the latest astrological information.

Whatever your feelings on the topic, there’s no denying that many people find it intriguing. And it makes me wonder, especially for those who are so quick to think nothing of it, just how much do they really know about it?

In light of some of these pressing questions, I’ve decided to ask Women24’s resident astrologer, Anya Kotzuba, to enlighten us a little more about her profession.

1.  You must come across a lot of people who doubt what you do for a living. What do you say to people who are sceptic?

I don`t try and convince or convert, word of mouth and the results I get from those that come for a reading are the best ways for people to see how much it can help and inspire someone.

Astrology is not a belief system. It is a valuable tool that once you can decode and understand the language of the stars it will help to expand and open you to understanding your own personality and individual journey from an insightful and objective angle. It gives you a sense of affirmation and direction.

Sceptics are not coming from a place of knowing, they are coming from a place of ignorance and fear, and many people are not ready to leave their comfort zone.

The younger generation are more open to the wisdom of astrology and I truly feel that with time it will become more seen and accepted as people become more informed of its value in redirecting, helping and guiding one forward.

2. What are the kind of things you’d want people to reveal about themselves in order for you to do a comprehensive chart?

All I need is an accurate birth time, date and place and it is absolutely incredible what those three things can reveal about the individual.

3.  There are different types of astrology that are currently available, for example, numerology and vedic astrology. Which type would you recommend to people and why?

That depends on the individual person and on the astrologer. It is more important that you find a good astrologer than the different ways they choose to connect to the information.

As long as what you get out of the reading is accurate and you leave feeling fulfilled and inspired.

4. How will people interested in having their reading done know whether you’re the real deal? What should readers be on the lookout for in order to avoid being scammed?

People get too caught up in “Google astro” and get conned by a free reading. I would put it in the same context as going to Google to find out what is wrong with you when you are feeling ill, rather than paying to go to a qualified doctor.

Astrology is not a quick read.

It is an intense study that takes plenty of time and experience. So my advice would be: Word of mouth is the best way to find a good astrologer. Also look into whether they are qualified and what school of astrology they have gone to.

The course I did with Rod Suskin is a part time three year intensive course which has giving me a great foundation to work with.

5.  When is the best time to get a reading done?

This is a very good question. My first answer would be: when you feel you need one. If you are feeling you need some clarity and direction and you are searching for answers, an astrologer can help give you the objective insight you are looking for.

There are certain key times that are good to come for a reading:

• At 18 when you have just finished school. This reading really helps with career decisions and finding the right direction to go into after school.

• Between 27 -30 (Saturn return): This can be quite a challenging period where you may be needing to make some important decisions – marriage, job, kids or other commitments and responsibilities.

• At 36 (Jupiter return): This can also be quite a significant time where you start new ventures or expand your horizons in some way.

• Between 42 -45 (“mid life crisis or transition”): This is a restless period where you can no longer just play roles if they are not supporting your life journey. Many changes happen during this period and a reading can really help you to make a conscious decision rather than acting too impulsively or reactively.


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