President Zuma Endorsed His Ex-Wife As The Next South Africa President

Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is seen at a news conference at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia at the weekend, July 2012. Dlamini-Zuma was elected as commission head of the African Union. Dlamini-Zuma, the first woman to hold the post, beat the incumbent, Jean Ping of Gabon, in a closely-fought election over several rounds of voting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Sunday night. Picture: Department of International Relations, Cooperation/SAPA

President Jacob Zuma has endorsed his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as the next President of South Africa, reports insinuate.

The insinuations follow Mr President’s assertion that he wouldn’t be vying for a third term and, that the ANC is ready for a woman President. Daddy Zuma reportedly made the remarks during an interview with SABC’s Nguni radio station.

He was quoted to have said: “It is no longer a discussion in the ANC whether a women can take a high leadership position or not. This discussion has been had before and the party agreed that anyone who is seen to have the qualities to lead the movement‚ there won’t be any problem for that person to do so. The ANC is ready for that‚ in fact the party has been ready for some time.”

Zuma refereed to the women in government and indicated that they are doing a good job. Thus, he offered that “no one in the ANC is questioning whether a woman can be the president or not.

“It will depend on the integrity that she possesses and whether members see her fit for the position. We no longer look at whether the person is a woman or man. This is our belief in the ANC,” added Mr President.

Despite the foregoing, His Excellency rebuked ANC structures for string discord in the party by agitating publicly for certain candidates to take over the leadership of the party from him.

He said: “People rush to give names for leadership. Even leaders also just abruptly indicate their availability for leadership. They just say openly‚ ‘I don’t have any problem leading.’ People then start talking about the leadership race. In June, we are going to a policy conference. We will first talk about the things that we have to do first. When we have discussed our policy and programmes, then we can decide who is the person that we think can help achieve these programmes.”

Above all, Mr Zuma dismissed the insinuations that he will be  vying for a third term saying: (I am) not running for the third term. I am finishing a second term.”

“There are many leaders in the ANC who must get an opportunity to lead,” he continued. “Even in the past‚ when the previous president wanted a third term, I was one of those who were not supporting that move. I cannot reject the move by another president and then do it myself,” he finished.


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