Why Does My Pregnant Body Offend You – Former Miss South Africa Asks

Former Miss South Africa and businesswoman Jo-Ann Strauss‚ who gave birth to a new baby girl last month‚ recently took a swipe at people who found her pregnant body and breastfeeding in public offensive.

Taking to her blog [modernmommy.co.za]‚ Jo-Ann cheekily responded to the backlash that she has received for not only sharing pictures of herself in a bikini when she was 38 weeks pregnant‚ but also for the negative reaction which she often receives for breastfeeding in public.

“A few people were very offended by me being in a bikini when 38 weeks pregnant. Probably the same people who would now be offended if they saw me breastfeeding in a restaurant (which I often do – there’s no shame in breastfeeding my baby) and probably the same people who read magazines and take no notice of boobs being used to sell everything from insurance to burgers to cars‚” she wrote.

The mother-of-two revealed that she confidently breastfeeds her baby in public‚ and asks anyone who finds that offensive‚ to simply look away.

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“Why does my pregnant body offend you? And why does feeding my baby in the most natural (and best) way for him/ her offend you?” she asked.

“I’m not going to enter into the whole boxing-ring about breastfeeding in public (a debate which has been raging on for a while and which has become a huge topic of conversation lately). In my (not so humble) opinion‚ look the other way‚ if it offends you and allow me to comfort and feed my little baby.”

In addition‚ the TV personality explained that that she’s grateful for the opportunity of being able to breastfeed‚ something many women struggle with.

“I breastfed our son for 20 months (yes‚ and I loved it!). I was very blessed to be able to and lucky that it was easy for me. Many people struggle to breastfeed and I am grateful that I was not one of them and I do sympathise with those who would love to and are unable to for whatever reason.”


source: Herald Live


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