Planning Ahead: The Secret To Cut Calories

eating salad Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

The secret to cutting calories could be to plan your meals in advance and order lunch immediately after breakfast, a new study has revealed.

Experts have suggested that if a dieter wants to decrease their calorie intake and ultimately make healthier food choices, they should plan their meal up to 60 minutes before they want to eat it.

Waiting for just an hour and not buying impulsively can cut almost 40 calories from our intake. But the real secret appears to be deciding on lunch at breakfast time: if you plan your midday meal at 7am, you’re likely to knock 240 calories off your lunchtime tally. That’s equivalent to a Dairy Milk chocolate bar or the amount of calories burnt off in a 3km walk.

Experts say their findings could have significant implications for people suffering from obesity and that, in the future, restaurants should allow customers to order in advance through the use of apps.

Researcher Dr Eric VanEpps, of the Penn Centre for Health Incentives and Behavioural Economics, said: “Test results show that ordering meals when you’re already hungry and ready to eat leads to an overall increase in the number of calories ordered.”


Source:  Daily Telegraph\Times Live


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