Why People Look Old At A Young Age

Premature ageing is a reality, and many young people find themselves experiencing signs of ageing without actually knowing why. But how do you know if you are ageing too fast?

What causes some people to age more quicker than others? And is there anything one can do to reverse the clock?

General practitioner Dr William Seatlholo says that premature ageing can either be hereditary or has a lot to do with one’s lifestyle choices.

“Premature ageing, or experiencing symptoms of ailments normally associated with the elderly, can be a direct result of bad lifestyle choices. We cannot say it enough – the abuse of alcohol, smoking and a lack of exercise is not only bad for your health but can actually make you age faster,” he says.

Seatlholo gives us some of the ailments that can make you seem like you are ageing faster, and explains why that happens.


Most young people who experience grey hair at a young age can be quite embarrassed. Seatlholo, however, says this is nothing to beat yourself up about.

“Premature greying is mostly hereditary. How it occurs is that hair follicles stop producing high levels of melanin, which renders the hair grey. The main reason for this is hereditary genes, but the good news is that sometimes premature greying can be attributed to lifestyle factors which you have complete control over.”

Seatlholo recommends changing one’s diet to include proteins and vitamins that may help the body to produce melanin, as well as checking with a physician to determine if there could be an underlying problem that is causing premature greying.


“Sagging breasts are a result of weight fluctuations and vigorous exercise. If a young person gains an immense amount of weight, only to drastically lose it again then gain it back, it can adversely affect their breast tissue, leading to sagging.

“The sad thing is that the only corrective measure for sagging breasts is to undergo breast augmentation surgery to get the breasts to be perky again.”


Seatlholo says that one should mind what they expose their skin to at a young age.

“Skin damage at a young age can result from excessive use of harmful face creams and make-up.

“There is a reason why young people should not be concerned with their faces until their skin is mature enough to handle some of the strong chemicals found in most complexion face creams.

“Their skin is still fragile and produces enough natural oils on its own, and the use of such products could just disturb the natural order of things.

“Other factors that could contribute to premature wrinkles include exposure to ultraviolet light as well as smoking. Once again, these are lifestyle choices that a young person has control over,” he says.


Seatlholo says unfortunately, no one knows the cause of this in young people. “Rheumatoid arthritis comprises the swelling and aching of muscles and joints. Although it usually affects most people later on in life, rheumatoid arthritis can affect young people too.

“The sad thing about it is that it often goes undiagnosed for a long period, as young people are generally known to be leading an active lifestyle and are prone to the sprains of muscles,” he says.

“The good news is that there are various types of medication available to treat rheumatoid arthritis and reduce the swelling, the pain and stiffness of the muscles and joints, so you don’t have to lead a painful life.”


Source: Sowetan Live


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