Pay Attention!! 3 Wedding Scams Every Bride-To-Be Should Be Wary Of

Weddings are an expensive affair, which is why most brides-to-be usually try to budget and plan accordingly.

More often than not, couples planning for their big day try and include an emergency budget within that budget in case they need to spend money on things they didn’t plan for.

However, that usually doesn’t include forking out an arm and a leg because the dress was NOT what they ordered, or because the vendor is suddenly a no show after you’ve paid the deposit on services not fully rendered.

Unfortunately wedding scams can happen to almost anyone, and many times, most people don’t see it coming.
The following scams are a perfect example of this.

1.  Wedding photographers (or photographs) being an absolute no-show

Ask any bride about the one thing they most look forward to seeing regarding their wedding day, is seeing the memories of their special day captured on film.

It’s an expense that most couples are usually keen to really spend a little extra on because they’re looking for a professional who can not only provide them with the best in terms of quality, but who is reliable, shows up on the wedding day and actually delivers on his or her end of the deal.

Unfortunately, there are people who are all too willing to take advantage of this, and news stories like this one which features a photographer not showing up to this bride’s (and several others) wedding, and this one who conned several couples into paying for photographs they ended up not receiving, are proof of this.

2. Bridal gown scams

There have been plenty of horror stories all over the internet about  brides-to-be who’ve been tricked into buying gowns, only for it to either be a no show or for the gown to look like it has been made by a drunk who’s never seen a needle and thread.

You don’t need to look far to encounter someone who has experienced the nightmare of having to find a backup dress because what they didn’t get what they paid for.

In fact, back in 2015,  a number of Capetonian brides-to-be found themselves victims of a scam where they paid for dresses that failed to materialise.

According to IOL, more than 80 women have joined the Wedding Assistance For WJ Scammed Brides Facebook group to aid in getting to the bottom of being scammed by a woman who pretended to sell wedding dresses and advertise her services on Facebook.

Needless to say, many brides were left very unhappy.

3. Fake vendors

This pretty much ties in with the previous two, but often, many couples are so caught up in the excitement of planning the wedding that they don’t check whether or not the vendor has a proper license.

It’s easy to fake a portfolio, reviews and references, and many people get sucked in by what they see before they experience. But, a good way to avoid being sucked into a ploy is by checking references.

Ask for contact details of people with previous experience (if you end up getting random numbers, then that alone is a telling point), be wary if they don’t have insurance (remember it is within your right to ask for proof confirming this) and read through the contracts.

Many have gotten away with posing as vendors – scamming couples out of hard-earned money  they budgeted specifically for the wedding, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you.



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