Parliament To Remove Unruly MPs From The House

Parliament says it has been left with no choice but to rely on its protection services to remove unruly MPs from the house.

Deputy parliamentary speaker Lechesa Tsenoli says the recent behaviour of some MPs has forced them broaden the use of the so-called men in white.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have repeatedly been forcibly removed from Parliament after challenging President Jacob Zuma’s authority, most recently on 18 May,

Last week, the National Assembly adopted new house rules that allow for the removal of members who, after advice and warning, insist on disrupting proceedings.

“We did not anticipate that we would have honourable members who undertook an oath to obey the constitution and all other laws… who would refuse to leave the house when requested to do so by a properly elected chairperson of the house,” said Tsenoli.

“In the manner that we conduct ourselves, all of us like to be called honourable [so] our conduct must persuasively be honourable to the public watching us instead of demonstrating complete refusal  to accept the rules and throw stuff. You don’t do that as an MP,” he said.





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