For Parents: 5 Important Reasons Little Children Should ‘NEVER’ Skip Breakfast


Here unknown benefits of eating breakfast and simple ways to prepare your child for school without skipping breakfast.


Breakfast equals better behavior:

Children who skip breakfast are more tired, irritable, or restless. These symptoms lead to aggressive behavior that causes children to get in trouble in school. However children that eat breakfast do otherwise.

Breakfast leads to higher test scores:

Yes it does! Breakfast has been proven to increase the mental capacity of children. Studies showed significantly higher math test scores comes from children that ate breakfast. This and other research has clearly shown that children who consistently eat breakfast test higher in most academic areas.

Eating breakfast leads to better class attendance:

Children who eat breakfast are absent from school fewer days compared to those who don’t. Studies reveal that they also spend less time in the nurse’s office complaining of stomach pains. Ironic as it may be, children who claim they don’t eat breakfast due to a lack of time in the morning are sluggish more often than those who take time for a morning meal.

Eating breakfast aids healthy diet:

Eating breakfast generally aid in meeting vitamin and mineral requirements for prevention of deficiencies in vitamin and calcium. Unfortunately, children who miss breakfast do not make up for lost nutrients later in the day even if they eat a lot to make up for breakfast skipped.

Eating breakfast helps weight control:

Eating breakfast helps to establish a normal eating pattern. Eating regular meals and snacks is a key to maintaining a healthy weight throughout life and reducing childhood obesity.


It might be tedious getting kids to eat in the morning before going to school. But here are some tips for parents on incorporating breakfast into their children’s routines:

  • Prepare for school the night before by preparing the next day’s clothes, lunch and backpack.
  • Say no to TV, video games and computers in the morning.
  • Choose foods that require little preparation such as pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, cereals or instant oatmeal.
  • For those with little hunger in the morning, offer juice, tea, bread or fruit smoothies


It is important to note that children imitate the behavior of adults, so if they don’t see their parents eating breakfast, they are likely to resist themselves. So parents are advised to set a good example to their children by eating breakfast too.


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