Oscar Pistorius Belongs In Hospital, Not Jail – Psychologist

Oscar Pistorius

Going back to jail would have a detrimental effect on Paralympian Oscar Pistorius because of his psychiatric condition.

This was said on Monday (13/06/16) by a psychologist who was called by Pistorius’s legal team to prepare a report for his sentencing on a murder conviction.

Professor Jonathan Scholtz told the court he spent eight hours with Pistorius after the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) overturned his culpable homicide conviction for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to murder.

Scholtz told the High Court in Pretoria that society would be best served if Pistorius’s skills were utilised to enhance the lives of others.

“It has always been in his nature to help others. He has expressed his wish to helping people.”

Scholtz said Pistorius’s condition had deteriorated since 2014‚ when he first interviewed him.

“He has become despondent‚ leaving his future in the hand of God. His current condition warrants hospitalisation.”

Scholtz said Pistorius appeared to have limited energy and had developed major depression‚ anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

“His mood was anxious and depressed. He tended to derail.

“His physical vulnerabilities have been well documented. He has developed major depression and post traumatic stress disorder. He appeared to have limited energy.”

Scholtz said his manner was respectful and cooperative.

“He is not able to testify. His condition is severe.”

He added that Pistorius has taken responsibility for his actions.

Testifying about Pistorius’s background‚ he said the former athlete had attended schools without any incident.

His mother died while he was in Grade 9.

“With the help of his family‚ he worked through this loss. There were no incidents of ill discipline in secondary school years. He was always respectful and disciplined.”

Scholtz said although Pistorius had enrolled at the University of Pretoria‚ demands of his athletics forced him to abandon his studies.

“All of this changed through the incident which took place in 2013. His fall from grace was enormous. He was vilified and attacked by many.

“He was unable to properly mourn the death of the accused. He is receiving psychotherapy for his condition.”

– TMG Digital

Source: Herald Live


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