You Are Not Helping Us‚ Disabled Tell Dipuo Peters

Dipuo Peters
Dipuo Peters

Peters released a list of exemptions and rebates for motorists transporting disabled people.

There is also an exemption for vehicles used by qualifying non-government organisations (NGOs) or non-profit organisations (NPOs) established for purposes of health care; persons with disabilities; welfare or humanitarian purposes; or education and development; and where the vehicle is owned or used by the NGO or NPO.

There is a full rebate for vehicles used by persons to convey persons with disabilities‚ which includes persons who have long-term physical -‚ mental -‚ intellectual – or sensory impairments and includes medical conditions such as autism‚ mental health‚ epilepsy and loss of hearing. The vehicles must be registered with SANRAL and have an e-tag fitted‚ said Sanral explained.

But Ari Seirlis‚ CEO of the QuadPara Association of SA (Qasa) said there was a lot of people transporting people with “mobility impairments” who were doing this out of their goodwill.

“The process gazetted by the minister puts the responsibility on the motorist to keep a register of when they transported the person with a disability. They same person must provide proof that the person being transported was disabled…We do not call this move victory in anyway.

We think that it creates a huge burden to the motorist. We feel that they have not made the process very simple to apply at all. We don’t know how long this takes will [before the exemption or rebate is approved]. We also want to know if there is an appeal process if you are not happy with the decision by Sanral.”

Qasa wants people with disabilities to have their own e-tags which they can fit on any person providing transport.

Seirlis has already written to Peters expressing the concerns that the organisation has about the rebates and exemptions.


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