“Why I Have No Interest In Returning To Radio” – Dineo Ranaka Reveals

Dineo Ranaka

“I told Gareth that I really don’t have interest in radio whatsoever, because my life has become so serious especially with my studying Psychology and being an inspirational speaker and mind coach and raising the kids,” she revealed.

“I do wellness programmes, I do rehabilitation programmes in prisons (and) junior life orientation master classes with grade 7’s.”

She only agreed to taking the job after perceiving this opportunity as “creative outlet” that would allow her to escape from the solemnity which surrounded her.

And since then, she has been having the time of her life behind the microphone at the country’s first ever 24-hour online music channel.

“It’s an unorthodox platform, it’s different, it’s fresh and to be in support of a South African pioneers Touch and Gareth Cliff that are doing things differently – they have defied the odds. And the moment you make me feel like I’m here to work you’re going to lose me”.

“This is my playground and I’m thankful for this platform, it just balances my life out. It doesn’t make feel like I work on radio so I don’t call it radio I call it audio blogging,” she said.

Dineo’s radio career began at 5FM, where she was trained by the legendary Barney Simon. Soon after, she joined YFM as a producer to Chilli M’s show, before bagging her very own weekend breakfast show.

And after some time, she moved to the afternoon drive time slot in a show called Dineo Live On Drive, before calling it quits in 2012.

She later joined 947, however, that was short-lived.


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