Natural Remedies That Are Actually Tasty

Antioxidants protect our cells and DNA, and they are in vegetables and tea, as well as a whole host of other things. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and can be found in herbs, roots, and fruits. And vitamins, taken in their natural form, are more effective in our bodies than in a manufactured format.

1. Chocolate For Your Cough

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Chocolate, the darker the healthier, contains a class of antioxidants called flavonoids. These plant-based compounds provide health benefits to the body’s cells. In one study, scientists at Harvard Medical School found that older people who drank two cups of hot chocolate a day experienced better blood flow in working areas of the brain than those who did not. The cocoa prevented memory decline. (Of course, chocolate is high in sugar as well, so weigh all factors before force-feeding your grandmother a Hershey’s Bar.) Also impressive is chocolate’s ability to quell a cough. In fact, researchers over the years have found that chocolate is an effective cough suppressant. One research team stated that it might be more effective than codeine! It may be due to an alkaloid in cocoa. Or it could be chocolate’s ability to coat the mucus membranes. Whatever the reasons, bring on the chocolate!

2. Black Tea For Brittle Hair

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Research shows that women who drink black tea regularly have a much lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who do not. And the polyphenols this tea contains are antioxidants that can protect the body’s cells. Early evidence hints that drinking black tea regularly and for a long time might prevent arthritis and lung cancer. However, on the day-to-day scale, black tea has proven to be a fair substitute for coffee because of its caffeine content. It also contains theophylline, a stimulant that’s good for improving that “alert” feeling. Another benefit black tea offers besides opening your eyes in the morning is even higher than the eyes. When washed into hair, it stimulates hair growth and improves strength and elasticity of each strand of hair. This prevents brittleness and breaking. It also adds a dark hue and natural shine! Not bad for tea.


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