National Arts Festival Grahamstown – Africa’s Biggest Festival


The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown attracts more than 40 000 visitors each year.

It is Africa’s largest cultural festival with over 500 productions staged throughout the Creative City.

Recently The Department of Arts and Culture renewed its contract with the National Arts Festival for the next three years, and is now worth R17 million.

This is a R2 million increase from the previous contract, which ended last year.

Speaking on Morning Live, the festival CEO Tony Lankaster says,”This gives us the opportunity to plan what we going to do with the money in 2017 and 2018.”

“From an arts organisation it is quite rare such an amount of time to plan. So we are very grateful for it.”

Lankaster says the festival is not about the big numbers and ticket sold but it is about the one person who comes to support the festival and has an amazing experience.

“We hear about these life changing experiences people have. Theatre and the arts is a very intimate experience. So we talk about the one person and we talk about the artist whose life is changed or the technician who gets a job and all those things add up collectively and create this amazing impact that the festival has.


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