Nandi And Zake’s Baby Is So Cute….. (Photo)

Nandi Madida has shared a photo of her baby and Shaka is all sorts of cute! We are just not sure yet as to whether he looks like mommy or daddy.

The lucky mother said, ever since baby Shaka arrived, her home lives have changed for the better. It is true when they say that children are a true blessing. Nandi went on to say that there are no words to explain the kind of love they have for their son. “We love you and you were made from eternal love” said Nandi

The Coke Studio host further added that she is very honored to be Shaka’s mother. That was such a sentimental message that Nandi shared. It has definitely left broody.

Nandi and Zakes’s fans also reacted to Baby Shaka’s first close up photo. They love Shaka as much as we do. Look At Him!


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