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Must Watch! Anti-Gay Pastor Calls South Africa the “Rape Capital of the World” After Being Banned From Entering

Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson Source: www.christianpost.com

Pastor Steven Anderson, who gained infamy after praising the murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club shooting, as well as saying that ‘God will reward you if you kill gay people; isn’t too pleased with being banned from entering the United Kingdom — not even for a connecting flight — and South Africa.

The pastor, who has been barred from entering both countries on account of his anti-human rights rants, thought he’d get one last jab in by insulting SA… perhaps a few choice words from the Cape — you know the ones we’re thinking of — would be best suited as a response to pastor Anderson?

The bigot will still be touring other African countries with less regard for human rights, including Botswana.

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