This Muslim ‘MISS UNIVERSE’ Contestant Refused To Wear Bikini, Sets Precedent..

Mana Jama put her chances of winning the competition on life support after announcing that she wouldn’t be competing in the swimsuit portion of the pageant if she had to wear a bikini because it goes against her religious beliefs.

In discussing her decision with Metro UK, Jama says, “I wouldn’t wear a bikini to the beach, so I’m not going to wear one in a competition to score points.” After she discussed her decision with the heads of the event, they decided that she’d be allowed to cover up if she so chose.

Muslim Bikini

Well, she did and in doing so, became the first ever woman to wear a caftan during the bikini portion of a pageant. And she pulled it off stunningly. Alongside her clothing, Jama wore a beautiful choker and hoop earrings.

After her runway performance she took to Instagram and further explained why she decided to take a stand for something she believed in.

“This moment has proved that I am capable of almost anything I set my mind to and limitations is a status waiting to be changed,” she captioned under a pic of her modeling in the competition. “I thank everyone who stood beside me and believed in my vision.”

It’ll be interesting to see the sort of precedent this will set in all beauty pageants across the world. Maybe it’ll give other women the extra courage they need to take a stand in their own way.

Check out Mana Jama about her decision to wear a kaftan during the bikini portion of Miss Universe Great Britain below.


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