Motsepe Realises Black-Owned Investment From Dream

Motsepe, who is Chairperson, together with joint CEOs, Dr Johan van Zyl and Johan van der Merwe, unveiled the ARC at an event in Hyde Park in Joburg.

Van Zyl is a former CEO of Sanlam, while Van der Merwe previously headed up Sanlam Investments. Motsepe is a South African mining magnate and founder and Executive Chairperson of African Rainbow Minerals.

The newly established investment firm is set to invest in a range of sectors, from health management to property, both in SA and the rest of the continent.

Van Zyl said that the launch of the firm comes at a tough time for the local economy, but he explained that falling prices create opportunities for investors.

“You can’t make money if you can’t take risk,” Van Zyl said in a panel discussion.

“We’ve recruited some great people, some people who make me feel like I’m 30 again. To work with people who have stars in their eyes, that’s what this is really about,” he added.

Meanwhile, Van der Merwe said that ARC is “committed for the long term”.

“We’re not here for a quick buck,” he explained. “We want to be a good corporate citizen.”

He added: “If there are no risks, there are no opportunities.”

Motsepe, who spoke of his family’s background in entrepreneurship during the panel discussion, said that SA had produced “exceptional black entrepreneurs” and that more were set to emerge.

“The entrepreneurs will come through. They’ve been there in the past; they’ll be there in the future,” he said.

“I also like the possibility of black and white partnerships,” Motsepe added.

While ARC officially launched on Thursday, the firm has already been active in certain deals.

Last month, ARC acquired an 18,1% stake in telecommunications company Metrofibre Networx. ARC is a subsidiary of Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI), a broad-based black empowerment investment holding company that is Sanlam’s empowerment partner.

Source: Destinyman


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