Men Are Only After This One Thing

Women have normally been advised that men are after one thing, and therefore they need to manage it in such a way that it will keep men interested. There could be some truth in it.

Many of us have already jumped to the conclusion that it is sex. Others have more conservative thoughts and thus believe it is good food. After all, the fastest way to man’s heart is through the stomach, isn’t it?

If men were so simple and straightforward, it would be logical to conclude that after having been given sex or great food, they would have remained with their respective partners, right?

Following the same argument, one would conclude that all chefs and women who engage in casual encounters would be happily married by now.

However, statistics show that after men have had sex, they are no longer as interested in the lady as before, unless the natural urges rise again at some other time in future.

Sex is a basic need, so is food. Once these two are satisfied, people move on into important matters of life, matters that have the potential of leaving behind a legacy.

It is these higher purposes of life that ladies at times fail to connect with their respective partners.

Men normally have a vision and mission in life; it is deeply wired in every man.

At times, they do need help to realize it and fulfill it and a wise woman will help her man achieve it – and many have.

Yet when it comes to human beings, we have a free will to choose. A wise man will appreciate his wise lady and vice versa and together they can build a legacy, a life of growth and progress.

A foolish man will misuse a wise woman, and likewise a foolish woman may also misuse a wise man and keep finding fault with him in spite of putting his right foot forward.

The one thing a man seeks is companionship. Sex and food are secondary when it comes to having a healthy relationship. Men are normally considered emotionless and are thus given only the basics and then expected to comply with every demand of their partner.

Few ladies really know what their men are about; most just make wild guesses about what they want and not what they are giving. Or worse still, they give what they think a man needs, not what their man is asking for.

Companionship demands that partners accept each as they are, as well as challenge each other to grow into better selves.

It is in being open, naked and unashamed with each other that a healthy relationship can be wrought.

When they see each other’s weaknesses, they support each other, not blast each other.

Remember the man is the head of the home, and the rest of the body will be more harmonious once it aligns with the head.



Source: News24 Kenya


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