Men, Here are 8 Things You Can Do To Combat Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction

Below are the things you can always do to combat  premature ejaculation

1. Stop in the middle of S*x

This is quite a strategy that works, you can disguise it as changing position or whatever. The act of you stopping in the middle abruptly can cause your s*x clock to reset, giving you more time before you cum.

2. Think about something uncool

This is a sure bet thing to work, during s*x, think of something uns*xy e.g try solving a mathematical problem that you’ve not been able to solve, or imagine your boss taking a super smelly dump, the weirder the imagination the better, just not something s*xy. Stuff like that can help you delay your orgasm and enjoy the s*x more.

3. Slow things down

Doing this can extend the duration of s*x, if you’re a fan of fast and passionate s*x, then you can try to do it slow, you can throw in a couple of teases here and there.

4. Use a thick condom

The sweet sensation of skin to skin s*x can be one of the reasons why you climax quickly. People have opined that using a condom can slow down the orgasm process, even better if you can get a thicker condom, this can dull the sensation during s*x.

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5. Flicking in the junk

This is quite uncomfortable for the p*nis, it’s like throwing a bucket of water on a person to wake them up, very rash and belong in a comedy sketch.


6. Use a cock ring

This is a technological solution to the problem of premature ejaculation, definitely one way to increase the length of s*x.

7. Re-use of foreplay

In case you’ve seen him doing this, in between s*x. Stop and go down on her, it might blow her mind but definitely help you stay longer in the s*x, the break where he goes down on you can help him reset himself.

8. Make her orgasm quickly

If all else fails, how about making her climax? That should do the trick, if you make her orgasm, that way, when your one minute thing cum


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