Men, Here Are 15 Kinds Of S3x Every Woman Desires

For all the guys in the house whose partner’s have had all this kinds of sex, you are definitely the real MVP. For all those who don’t know about this, take note because your woman is definitely waiting for you.

Here are the 16 kinds of sex every woman desires

1. She wants the kind of sex in which the both of you still have your clothes on.

2. She wants sex with just oral action and no penetration.

3. She wants the kind of sex that leaves her sleeping for hours afterwards.

4. She wants the kind of sex that starts immediately you shut the door.

5. She wants the kind of sex with lots of hours of foreplay.

6. She wants the kind of sex in which she can’t help but be so loud and she doesn’t care because the sex is good.

7. She wants the kind of sex that you initiate during an argument. Just kiss her lips during the argument and start something crazy.

8. She wants the kind of sex in which you hit the spot so hard that she wonders if the bed would collapse.

9. She also wants the sex with slow rhythm and non-stop touching.

10. She definitely wants that sex that leaves her shaky and unstable afterwards. Lol.

11. How about the make-up sex that’s totally worth the fight? She definitely wants that too.

12. She wants sex that’s so good that it drives her out of her mind and she accidentally break things.

13. She wants that sex that wakes her up in the morning and makes her late for work.

14. She wants that mind-blowing sex that makes the both of you discover a new and mind-blowing position.

15. She wants that sex where one of you do all the work.

16. She wants sex that’s so slow and deep that she whispers into your ears.

Can you give her all these kinds of sex?



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