Meet The Beautiful South African Graduate Who Took To The Streets To Seek Employment

This pretty lady decidedly took the bull by the horns after waiting too long for a job.
Identified as Anthea Malwandla, the lady is a South African who had searched fruitlessly for a job for too long.
She therefore took to the streets of South Africa in search for job with a placard reading her number and her intent so passersby could help out.
The photo has been shared more than 1,500 times and has gone viral on twitter.
However, when contacted, Anthea confirmed that despite the fact that she had become popular thanks to social media, she has still not gotten any offers yet.
She however said she would keep hunting as she is very hopeful.
According to her, she graduated from Vaal University of Technology and has been looking for work, preferably to help in producing fertiliser, for the past year.
Source: Tori.ng

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