Meet 79-Year-Old Playboy Who Has Slept With Over 2000 Women (Photos)

 A 79-year-old British man, Chris Cullenton has revealed that he has slept  with more than 2,000 women yet now likes to spend his days fishing.
The man identified as Chris Culleton, from Longford in Warrington, who said he has been a ladies’ man all his life, has disclosed that he has slept with an incredible 2,084 partners, and has decided to give up dating and spend his days fishing.
Chris Culleton, 79, said he has slept with an incredible 2,084 partners
According to Dailymail, the Hugh Hefner wannabee, who claims to have met many of his lovers while working as a music promoter in the town, also said that his romantic lifestyle led him to turn down jobs with the Rolling Stones and Radio Caroline.
However, after decades of playing the field he is giving up dating to take up fishing, because ‘women are too much trouble’.
Culleton on the beach in 1960s
He explained that he was given the nickname the ‘Longford Lover’ by local policemen who used to see him with different girls.
‘I had this reputation – it wasn’t all me. I was pursued a lot. I had this reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man because I was always seen coming home late at night after I’d dropped a girl off.
‘When I was working at Marks and Spencer, I met this trainee manageress, a Swedish girl. I was a porter then and they were all jealous when she went out with me.
‘I was walking out of a hotel and there were two policemen outside and they said ‘oh look it’s the Longford Lover’. And it stuck,’ he said.
However, his charms got him into a few scrapes and even led to the husband of one ex-girlfriend tracking him down. ‘There was one woman who used to stalk me and then her husband came knocking on my front door.
‘Some of my cards had fallen out on the backseat of her car and he’d found them. But luckily a bouncer friend of mine, Croc, had come to visit and he told him, ‘Chris’s gone to Ireland,’ he said.
Mr Culleton on his wedding day to ex-wife Cheryl in 1970
Culleton even admitted having a set of keys to a local hotel, where he would let himself in when he had friends to spend the night, adding that it all changed when he met the mother of his son, who would later break his heart.
Chris said: ‘I’d seen this girl come through the door at Parr Hall with a bloke and I went ‘wow!’. She came over and sat next to me. And because I smoked Benson and Hedges then she thought I was well off.
‘About a week later she came to the Carlton Club where I was collecting glasses and she just came up, threw her arms around me and kissed me. And that was it.’
Chris Culleton (third left) from Warrington, Cheshire, was photographed with The McCooes in the 1960s
He added: ‘One night we made love on the Carlton Club stage. I put these two albums on, a Barry White album on one deck and the other one was Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye and she said that’s where my son was conceived.’
But the grandfather-of-two now spends his days fishing and is proud president of the Stockton Heath Angling Group.

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