What It Means To Be A Part Of South African Youth Today

Here are what Youth have to say about being a part of South African Youth Today.


“Opportunity and freedom to be whoever I choose to be, however I may choose to be. Simply; to be.”

Refiloe Seretlo / @ref1loe

“That I can have my cake and eat it too. I can be a wife, a mom and run my own company while woring from home. I don’t have to be someone’s domestic worker or slave. ”

Nthabiseng Sechoaro / @nthabisengsehlabo

“It means having the creative footprint of South African people in my hands, as my responsibility. It means differ- ent battles, but probably easier ones because the blood was taken from our mothers. It means audacity, it means chance, it means [why not?]”

Star Khulu / @starkhulu

“It means freedom to do what I love, versitility and diversity are everywhere I look… It’s beautiful actually!”

Bridgette Makhela / @bridgettemakhela

“Proud. Alive. We gon’ be alright”

Ricardo Marcus K / @ricardomarcusk

“It is awesome, cool, fantastic and radical”

Mabuthonker Mthanti

“Molifeng, being relentless in doing what you love and proving to many it can work for you. You also can never afford to lose passion, drive or commitment! Simply because complacency is affordable.”

Ayanda MVP / @ayandamvp

“Victory! We are the visionaries to bring vision for the next generation. Winning, living in honour of our 1976 crew.
[Black is my race]
[Yellow is my complexion]
[Ree is my colour]”

Refoe “Ree” Sofute / @in_rees_eyes

“Freedom of expression”

Moshibudi Mphahlele / @mosh_mph


Gemaén Jordan Taylor / @gemaentaylor

“Liberated to be anything I want to be! My identity is defined by me, not any other person who considers themselves superior because of the colour of their skin. Not ashamed to be me, Black and proud!”

Thembi Khumalo / @tpm1404


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