Mantashe Makes Shocking Revelation About ANC Members


The African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Gwede Mantashe admitted that corruption and factionalism have plagued the ruling party so much that their aftermaths are heavily felt within and outside the rank.

Speaking in Evaton on Tuesday, ahead of the ANC’s 105th-anniversary celebrations scheduled to hold at Orlando Stadium the weekend, Mantashe said at this stage‚ corruption in ANC cannot be regarded as a perception.

He blamed some people in the ANC for looting the state and warned them to desist from looting because it hinders and destroys the ability of the state to deliver services to the people.

Mantashe acknowledged that the Zuma-led administration has done little or nothing for the development of Evaton. Like in Alexandra, he said the ANC enjoys an overwhelming support in Evaton. He urged the government to come to the aid of community members.

We can’t leaveEvatonas it is much longer‚ with no streets. We can’t complain that there is no money because there is money but the problem is ‘how do we use it‚” Mantashe said.

The secretary-general, who was in the area to drum up support ahead of the party’s celebration told the crowd that if the ANC fails to address some issues within its camp, it may end up crashing in the 2019 national election.

In addition, he noted that if care is not taken, three things will definitely destroy the 105-year-old party.

There are three things that will destroy the ANC before we know it. One is corruption, thieves. We have no shortage of them. The second is factionalism, where members of the ANC are loyal to different leaders.

“The third is accidental leadership succession, where we have leaders who battle for leadership bypass. The three are interlinked. They use the money, and the ANC is not in control. If we continue this way, next year we are gone. We can just abandon the ANC,” he said.



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