This Is Malingering Costs The South African Economy Annually

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R16-billion. That’s what malingering costs the South African economy annually.

The South African Payroll Association (Sapa) on Wednesday quoted a “recent study by Occupational Care South Africa and Statistics South Africa (which) found that an average of 15% of employees are absent on any given day‚ and that only one in three of those absent are actually sick”.

“The pressure on the organisation isn’t letting up and employees need to remember that they have a job because their employer needs them to fulfil a function‚” said Sapa Director Cathie Webb.

“If you aren’t there‚ someone else has to stand in for you so it is important to take your employer into consideration when using your leave‚ especially sick leave. Some people see their sick leave allowance as a target‚ rather than something to be taken when absolutely essential.”

Sapa also noted that using up a sick leave allowance would mean an “employee will have to use their annual leave should they suddenly need extended leave to recover from an operation‚ for example”‚ or take unpaid leave.

It warned that “many companies are reducing leave allowances due to the current poor economic climate”‚ which means additional leave elements that they “are not legally required to offer…such as study or religious leave” may not be available.

Webb said that while the Basic Conditions of Employment Act allows for “15 working days per year for annual leave‚ 30 working days over a three-year period for sick leave and three days per year for family responsibility leave‚ if they work a 5-day week”‚ the “onus…falls on you to understand exactly what your rights are when it comes to leave”.

“Know what you are entitled to‚ how it is structured and the rules which dictate it.”


Source: Times Live


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