Male Lion Visits Braamfontein.

a male lion was captured on camera roaming around Braamfontein.

South Africans, as we all know them, started speculating, with some alleging it was from Nando’s and others jokingly saying it came from fast food store Hungry Lion. Funny right! There are also rumours someone said “voetsek, voetsek” to the lion, using the Afrikaans word which means go away.


Some reckon this will reaffirm the Americans’ misconception that in Africa we walk around with lions. As this may all sound like a joke … it really did happen. The lion was really in Braamfontein. However, it was not from Hungry Lion, and nor was it hungry. The lion was neither from KNP nor from Nando’s. According to Voice of Wits, the lion has been part of a movie scene shot in Braamfontein.

Source – citizen


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