More Local Music On SABC Radio Stations

The Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture welcomes the progressive and intrepid announcement by the leadership team at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to play 90% local music across its 18 radio stations. This bold decision will not only celebrate the richness and diversity of local talent, but will enhance the quality of lives of local artists.

The Committee has on numerous occasions called on broadcasters to increase the percentage of local content on their platforms. “It is on this basis that we are happy that the leadership of the SABC has listened and is implementing the Committee’s calls albeit on a trial basis,” said Ms Xoliswa Tom, the Chairperson of the Committee.

What is even more reassuring is the fact that the SABC went far beyond the 40% minimum requirement of local music played as per Icasa’s (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s) regulations. The 90% quota will ensure that local artists benefit financially, something that will trigger more economic activity within the country. This increased economic activity will in turn lead to the creation of much-needed job opportunities. This will also ensure that artists invest more money in improving the quality of the products that they release.

This decision is a testament to the important role that the SABC, as a public broadcaster, ought to play in reflecting the South African story – in this case through music. Furthermore, it brings to life the corporation’s mandate of nurturing South African talent. The Committee further welcomes the fact that the broadcaster will increase its local content offering on television.

The Committee encourages all other broadcasters to follow the SABC’s lead and increase the percentages of local content on their platforms.



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