List of South African book bloggers

South African Book Bloggers

If you too are a South African who has a book reviewing blog, or if you regularly review and promote South African fiction and would like to be on this list, please contact Lauren Smithat violininavoid(at)gmail(dot)com with the following information:

  • the name of your blog
  • a link to your blog
  • your tagline, if you have one
  • the genres you most often review
  • (optional) any other important information eg. If you also write movie reviews, if you specialise in indie fiction, etc. Please keep this brief (1-2 lines max).


Bibliophile (n) – A person who collects or loves books. From Fantasy to Fiction to Non-Fiction, I pretty much read ’em all.

Genres: Eclectic, but favouring YA, mystery series, biographies, and the occasional classic.

Blog of a Bookaholic

Genres: I love all books but I mostly review children’s and young adult fiction. I work in children’s literature and write reviews and news on all genres within YA and adult contemporary fiction.I also take part in blog tours and I read and review books written by indie authors.

Book Fairy Haven

Genres: Primarily YA, with a focus on paranormal, contemporary, dystopian and fantasy fiction. I do review a certain amount of adult fiction though, including, magical realism, fantasy, dystopian and paranormal fiction.

The Book Musings 

Genres: Historical fiction, classics and mysteries.

I regularly review books offered to me for review and I’ve also started participating in book tours.

Chapter One and Wine 

a mountain of books and a barrel of wine

Genres: Literary fiction, particularly classics, postmodern fiction, and realist fiction.

I often blog about awards and local book competitions. I also share poetry and the wines I pair with my reading.

Crushing Cinders

Genres: Mostly YA and children’s picture books, including but not restricted to indie books.

I am a school librarian in South Africa.


Genres: YA, royal historical fiction and murder mysteries.

Fantasy Opinion

News, review and ramblings abut fantasy books, writers and anything else I feel like

Genres: fantasy and a bit of science fiction.

I Love Books

Everything to do with words, pages, reading, writing, books and authors.

Genres: I review a wide range of fiction (including thrillers, contemporary women’s fiction, historical fiction, epic sagas and YA) and non-fiction (including SA current affairs and biographies, pop psychology, management, cookery and crafts). I do not review sci fi fantasy, horror, romance, action/adventure fiction, romance or self-help.

ALSO READ  President Jacob Zuma Fires Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, Over The Latter Undermining His Authority.

It’s a Book Thing

Where books find you…

Genres: if it’s a book, I’ll read it.

Just Reading For Fun

Genres: almost any, but with a focus on paranormal romance, zombies and dystopian fiction.

I occasionally review movies and host book tours. I have a soft spot for indie authors and feature them on my blog regularly.

Nick Wood

A series of essays about science fiction in South Africa.

Omen’s Oasis

Genres: memoirs, manga, YA, children’s, contemporary, South African, indie, women’s fiction, new age and spirituality. Movie and anime reviews coming soon.


Genres: YA, specialising in paranormal and supernatural

I will also review films and tv shows applicable to the paranormal genre and post news and other thoughts.


Find book reviews under chArt, and excerpts under stArt.

read – sleep – read – eat – repeat 

Genres: I work in children’s literature and write reviews and news on all genres within YA and adult contemporary fiction.

S.A. Partridge 

Genres: YA and South African fiction

Sonette’s Bookworm Blog

Genres: YA, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and sometimes sci-fi and dystopian fiction.

I am currently searching for someone to collaborate with me on my blog as my hectic schedule prevents me from giving it the love it deserves. If you’re interested, please let me know!

Sugar and Snark

Genres: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Violin in a Void

Genres: speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) and the occasional crime thriller, with a preference for cross-genre fiction, especially if there’s mythology in the mix. I favour the inventive/quirky/downright weird over genre trends.

Why I Can’t stop Reading

All My Amazing Reads – and Some of the Not So Amazing

Genres: YA (at the moment), Romance, Fantasy

The Word Fiend

Genres: Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi), Thrillers & Mysteries, YA, Paranormal Romance. I read widely however, so these are only a general guideline.

Worlds In Ink

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thrillers

The YA Reader 

The musings of a Young and Avid reader

Genres: strictly Young Adult fiction. Within that genre I enjoy Contemporary, Paranormal, some Fantasy and Historical novels.


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