Leave a Glass Of Water With Salt And Vinegar In Your Home And See Unbelievable Changes In 24 Hours

Sometimes, there’s too much negative energy in our homes that we feel bad just when we enter the door. Since your house/flat should be the place you relax and feel peaceful, happy and stress-free, having negative energy around you can have bad effects on your health as well.

Although this energy can’t be seen, you can easily feel if you have it. If you do think that it’s present in your home, keep reading this article and learn how to make it go away, so you can be happier and more relaxed in the environment.

All you need is 1 glass, which is transparent, some white vinegar, granulated salt and water.

To prepare the mix, take the glass and add a little salt, vinegar and water.

The glass should stay somewhere in the room you spend most time in.

Leave it there for a whole day, or 24 hours.

After some time passes, see how the salt is acting: if the salt level rises or the water overflows it.

The glass should be rinsed well after 24 hours have passed, then when you feel negative energy again, repeat the procedure. Every room of your home can be covered until the salt stops rising. Also, try to put the glass in places that it can’t be seen.


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